Space is for everyone. We’re working hard to bring it a little closer.

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation is a space systems and services company with a focus on accessible space. The company is founded on heritage and expertise that spans a number of Canada’s historic space achievements of the last 3 decades, blending them with micro and nano space technology, and modern, commercial business models for effective space program and mission development.



The management team at Canadensys is anchored by veterans of the Canadian aerospace sector with executives having multiple decades of experience from both agency and industry sides of NASA, CSA and ESA’s human spaceflight, ISS and space exploration programs.


All staff have flight mission experience with heritage spanning the range of spaceflight and space robotic programs, from the Canadarm ISS robotics and planetary instruments successfully deployed on the surface of Mars to industry-leading microsatellite & micro-payload technologies.


Canadensys is committed to improving access for us all to space and space-based services, whether it be for more affordable monitoring of our planet, communicating with each other from even the most remote locations, or sharing more in the adventure of exploration & discovery as global space programs push out to the Moon, Mars & beyond.

Meet the Canadensys Management Team

[vc_column_text] Dr. Christian Sallaberger

Christian Sallaberger

President and CEO

Dr. Christian Sallaberger brings 30 years of industrial leadership and Canadian and European agency experience in space program development and execution. Christian is an active member within the international space community, and currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the International Space University, Chairman of the International Space Exploration Committee of the IAF, and is a Director of the International Institute of Space Commerce. While working at the Canadian Space Agency Dr. Sallaberger initiated the Canadian government’s Planetary Exploration Program, and subsequently spent 15 years as Vice President and Director of Space Exploration at a multinational space corporation.

[vc_column_text] Dr. Nadeem Ghafoor

Nadeem Ghafoor

Vice President, Space Exploration

Dr. Nadeem Ghafoor brings 20 years of experience from large & small space across Canadian and European programs. With a background in planetary science and spacecraft engineering Nadeem worked on the NASA-ESA Cassini-Huygens mission before spending 5 years in the UK space industry designing, building and launching 5 separate microsatellite missions. Nadeem subsequently relocated to Canada where he managed robotic developments for space science & exploration at a multinational space corporation for almost a decade. Nadeem is a strong proponent of space education, the unique inspirational value of space exploration, and broadened space access for all.

[vc_column_text] Howard Jones

Howard Jones

Chief Engineer, Space Exploration

Howard Jones brings over 40 years of experience in mechanical systems design across unmanned and human spaceflight. Howard has supported planetary rover and robotics developments in Canada for almost two decades, from the smallest systems for Moon and Mars robotic exploration to large-class utility vehicles for human lunar missions. Howard guided flight rover locomotion developments on ESA’s Exomars Rover mission from Phase A through to flight build, supported multiple CSA lunar and Mars rover prototyping activities through to flight environmental testing, and today supports a number of international initiatives across government and commercial space. Howard was mechanical systems lead across a number of orbital robotics programs, from ISS to satellite servicing as well as terrestrial robotics for nuclear maintenance, and has longstanding experience in the design and manufacture of high reliability systems in extreme environments.

[vc_column_text] Jim Middleton

Jim Middleton

Director, Strategic Development

Jim Middleton brings over 40 years of experience in space program development across unmanned and human spaceflight, from Space Shuttle and Space Station Canadarm programs to ISIS and Hermes. Jim led the technical and programmatic development of the robotic systems that asssembled the international space station, Canada’s Mobile Servicing System, and was Vice President of Strategic Development at MDA for over a decade.