Canadensys announces advanced manufacturing capability in the Waterloo region

By September 21, 2017Space Exploration
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TORONTO, ON / 21 SEPTEMBER 2017 – Canadensys Aerospace is pleased to announce the establishment of a new facility for space mechanical design and advanced manufacturing in the Waterloo region, in support of its expanding space and exploration initiatives.

Dr. Christian Sallaberger, CEO of Canadensys Aerospace stated “We are excited to be expanding into the Waterloo region.  With the establishment of this new facility, Canadensys Aerospace will have an anchor point at both ends of the Toronto-Waterloo high tech corridor.”

Peter Visscher, Director of the new Canadensys facility added “the Waterloo region is an internationally recognized hotbed of Canadian talent and innovation and we are delighted to be able to expand our space activities within this industrial eco-system.” The company has also announced Perry Edmundson to lead program management in the Waterloo facility and Peter Woolfrey as its senior mechanical designer.

Waterloo Mayor David Jaworski added “Waterloo has a vast high-tech network and we welcome Canadensys Aerospace’s expansion into the region. We look forward to their exciting contributions and synergies with the talent and creativity that already exists here to propel Canadian capabilities and innovation, literally, to a whole new frontier.”

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation is a space systems and services company with a focus on accessible space, bringing affordable space solutions and space-enhanced capabilities to more people, worldwide.