Federal Minister announces Government Investment in Space Exploration

By December 15, 2017Space Exploration
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TORONTO, ON / 15 DECEMBER 2017 – The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, today announced investments to prepare for the next steps in deep-space exploration. Building on Canada’s world-class technical leadership, some of these investments will pave the way for the development of innovative rovers that could be part of future missions on or around the Moon.

At the announcement ceremony, Minister Bains stated “Our government is committed to maintaining our country’s leading edge in space robotics. This funding is a direct investment in Canadian firms to research, develop talent and remain globally competitive. Canada is a space-faring nation, and we’re committed to supporting this growing industry and the middle-class jobs it creates.”

Canadensys Aerospace, one of the firms benefiting from these investments, has been tasked to study two lunar rover types: a pressurized rover to transport astronauts on the Moon’s surface and a smaller rover that would first be sent to the Moon to collect lunar samples and test the technologies required for the pressurized rover.

Dr. Christian Sallaberger, President and CEO of Canadensys Aerospace, and one of several senior Canadensys Aerospace staff present at today’s event, commented “We applaud the government on the vision they have shown with today’s announced investments. NASA has just said they will be returning astronauts to the moon. The European Space Agency is also now examining cis-lunar architectures. It is appropriate that Canada develop technological options for potential collaboration with our international space partners. Canadensys Aerospace is honoured and humbled to have been selected to support these efforts in Canada. One of the areas of expertise of our company is designing and building robust systems that can operate in deep space, including on the surface of the Moon, and we are eager to work with our colleagues in the Government of Canada to develop options for Canadian participation in international space exploration activities.”