Accessible Lunar Exploration: Science & Communications from the Moon

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The International Lunar Observatory mission (ILO-1) places a lunar astronomy and communications hub at the south pole of the Moon later this decade. The International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) has selected Canadensys as prime contractor for the payload of its flagship mission (click here for news release).

Comprising both a combined radio astronomy / communications payload and an optical telescope, ILO-1 aims to deliver unique observing capabilities from the lunar surface, together with commercial communications infrastructure in support of the steadily increasing international government and commercial enterprise interests in the lunar polar regions. Education and citizen science complete the core mission objectives, and ILO-1 will deliver a number of world-firsts in broadened mission access and participation across public and education sectors.

ILO-1 is the third and flagship mission in ILOA’s program of missions to the lunar surface which already has seen one instrument successfully returning UV data from the Moon in 2014 and a second, precursor instrument, ILO-X, to be delivered to the lunar equatorial region late in 2015. ILO-1 is the first planned ILO mission to the lunar polar region. Canadensys and ILOA are working in coordination with partners across multiple upcoming international missions to ensure optimum return from combined efforts at and around the lunar poles.

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