Bringing Real Space Mission Operations to the Classroom

STMSat-1 Orbit orig export crop credit - 350w

RMOC Assembly Intro - 6x4 150w - t

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Canadensys is providing a Remote Mission Operations Centre to a local elementary school in support of the world’s first ever elementary-school built satellite mission.

The spacecraft, named STMSat-1, is being built by St. Thomas More Cathedral School in Arlington, Virginia and will be the first ever in the world to be built and designed entirely by elementary school students, supported by technical advisors from NASA. The tiny satellite – commonly known as a cubesat – will fly in a 400km orbit above the Earth, taking pictures every 30 seconds and transmitting them back to the ground. A network of Remote Mission Operations Centers (RMOCs) spans various parts of the U.S. and several countries around the world.

Canadensys is partnered with St. John Paul II Catholic School in Bolton, Ontario to build and operate an STMSat-1 RMOC in Canada. As an STMSat-1 RMOC partner school, Canadian students from ages 4 to 14 will have the opportunity to experience real-life space mission operations from tracking the satellite as it passes overhead and receiving the transmitted images, to archiving them and interpreting the data received. Students will then upload their captured images to the primary MOC in the US for broader distribution to the global network.

The goal of STMSat-1 is to inspire school children in science, technology and mathematics as alluded to by the double acronym. The project is part of Canadensys Aerospace Corporation’s dedication to Accessible Space, providing broadened participation options in space missions across public and education sectors, and leveraging the unique potential of space to inspire and engage.

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