Let us show you what space can do.

Space technology is undergoing a revolution similar to that of the computer industry late in the last century. Where once computers were expensive systems that filled a room and could only be afforded and utilized by governments, militaries and large corporations, today’s computing devices are so small, inexpensive and commonplace that everyone can realize the benefits of the technology. An analogous progression in space technology is now underway. Responsive space solutions such as hosted payloads, nano satellites, microsatellites and small satellites promise to provide rapid, flexible and cost effective capabilities to support commercial, industrial, environmental, governmental and scientific needs in unprecedented ways – just as the engineers who worked on the early room-sized mainframe computers could not have imagined the multitudes of practical applications enabled by the low-cost laptops, tablets and handhelds of today.

Working in partnership with its customers, Canadensys combines this agile technical approach with innovative project delivery models, from commercial business structures to public-private partnerships (PPPs), to break the high-cost and long development cycles that have traditionally made space technology challenging for many practical terrestrial applications.

Global is closer than you think. Let us show you what space can do.