Smart, affordable, accessible deep space. For everyone.

Space exploration in the 21st century will push beyond earth-orbiting infrastructure established during the first 50 years of spaceflight – weather, earth observation, telecommunications, navigation and space-science – towards deeper space infrastructure, modular and serviceable architectures, longer-duration human spaceflight and sustainable exploration of more remote, hazardous yet lucrative destinations than ever before.

The next decade alone will witness breakthroughs in commercial space transportation, on-orbit servicing, planetary defence, human and robotic missions to the Moon, Mars & asteroids, and even the first steps towards space-based energy and resources. With new levels of international cooperation, major advances in micro and nano space technology, the rise of social media and emergence of viable private enterprise, space exploration is truly entering a new era.

Leveraging the performance available from today’s smaller systems and applying modern, commercial business models to space development, Canadensys is dedicated to doing our part in providing more affordable systems, to more people and in more accessible ways to ensure everyone can truly participate and share in the knowledge, advancement, economic return and sheer adventure of global space exploration.


ILO-1: Lunar Observatory

Observation and communications from the lunar south pole.

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Exploration Technologies

Ruggedized Systems for Affordable Space Exploration

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ARES: Mars Wind & Dust Sensor

Affordable Martian weather suite in support of future human & robotic Mars exploration.

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