Vision and situational awareness is key for a growing number of space missions today, whether it be for asset tracking, deployment monitoring, servicing, or satellite self-defence in Earth orbit, or landing safely on the Moon or Mars, conducting science & exploration on a new planetary surface, or documenting the adventure and historic findings back here on Earth. Canadensys provides low-cost, high-performance imaging systems to customers worldwide with applications spanning civil and defence, from LEO, MEO & GEO out to cislunar space & beyond.

Leveraging a ruggedized core that was developed from the outset for missions to the Moon and Mars, each Canadensys imager packs a nano-class form-factor with high-performance image & video capture capabilities, substantial onboard storage and processing, and deep space ruggedization in the areas of radiation and lunar night survivability, ensuring next-generation architecture performance from even the smallest space assets flying today.

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