Canadensys Aerospace Commends Canada’s Commitment to Lunar Utility Rover  

Mar 29, 2023

(Toronto, Ontario – March 29, 2023) Canadensys Aerospace, on behalf of the nation-wide team of world-class innovative space companies it is leading in designing and building Canada’s first lunar vehicle, congratulates the Government of Canada and the Canadian Space Agency for their commitment of $1.2B for a new robotic lunar utility vehicle program.  This investment will ensure Canadian space industry remains globally competitive. 

Christian Sallaberger, CEO of Canada’s lunar vehicle manufacturer Canadensys Aerospace, states, “In addition to building Canada’s first lunar vehicle, we are also currently leading a Canadian industrial team that has been contracted by the Government to develop options and a strategy for the next phase of Lunar Surface Exploration vehicle activities for Canada. A multi-functional lunar utility vehicle is a logical next step based on technical readiness, human lunar mission needs, as well as the potential for significant follow-on commercial export sales.  We are absolutely thrilled to see Canada make this strategic commitment to a lunar utility vehicle as part of our nation’s next steps in human space exploration. Our industrial team is already realizing tremendous export sales from Canada’s current investment in lunar vehicles, in areas ranging from robust terrestrial spin-off vehicles to critical lunar vehicle components such as computers and navigation sensors. Today’s new investment ensures Canadian space industry will continue to be a leader in export sales by accelerating the development of new technologies. “ 

About Canadensys Aerospace 

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation is one of Canada’s most innovative space systems companies servicing customers around the world. We blend our advanced space hardware capabilities with smart, ruggedized designs to develop unique solutions for planetary, orbital and terrestrial environments based on modern, commercial business approaches to space program and mission development.  

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Amanda Fruci, Communications Specialist