Canadensys Aerospace awarded contract to design elements of German/Canadian collaborative Lunar Greenhouse ground test demonstrator.

Feb 5, 2024

[Toronto, 5 February 2024] – Canadensys Aerospace is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a contract from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for design work on a “Ground Test Demonstrator” (GTD) of a Lunar Greenhouse. The GTD, a collaboration between CSA and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) will allow Canadian and German scientists and engineers to collaborate in exploring the technologies required to build a self-sustaining bio-generative life-support system (BLSS) on the moon.  Such a system will be integral to the viability of long-term human presence on the lunar surface, as well as to future Mars missions.

Under the contract, the Canadensys team, which includes academic partners at the University of Guelph and McGill University, will refine the design for the Nutrient Delivery System, Illumination Control System, Plant Health Monitoring System, and a robotic “Versatile Assistant” to enable un-crewed operation of the greenhouse.

Gilles Leclerc, Canadensys Director of Government and International Affairs, stated “We are excited to be undertaking this work. Not only does it strengthen space collaboration between Canada and Germany, but it also positions Canadensys as a key international provider of agriculture services on the Moon.”

Christian Sallaberger, Canadensys President & CEO, added “This activity augments our other efforts in the field of lunar food production. We are proud to be developing space greenhouse systems to support international Artemis astronauts during lunar surface missions.”

In addition to related internally-funded lunar plant growth technology development, Canadensys is also concurrently developing prototype lunar greenhouse systems under CSA’s Lunar Surface Exploration Initiative (LSEI), and conducting sub-system research as part of CSA’s Space Technology Development Program (STDP).


About Canadensys Aerospace:

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