Canadensys Aerospace Awarded Lunar Autonomous & Intelligent Robots & Rovers Contract

Jun 2, 2022

(Toronto, ON – Friday, June 3, 2022) Canadensys Aerospace Corporation (Canadensys) has been awarded a contract by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to develop a concept for the Autonomous & Intelligent Robots & Rovers elements of Canada’s Lunar Surface Exploration Initiative. Canadensys brings substantial experience in intelligent and autonomous lunar rovers, robotic tools, docking & berthing mechanisms, autonomous situational awareness, and navigation & hazard avoidance systems to this program.

 “It is because of our broad expertise that we have been selected for this activity. We look forward to developing the architectures and roadmaps for lunar rovers and robotic systems for the Canadian Lunar Surface Exploration Initiative,” says Peter Visscher, General Manager of the Canadensys Stratford facility.”

“Canada needs to invest in key capabilities and critical technologies to assure a valued partnership role in future long-term international space exploration missions to the Moon.  Recognizing our national space robotic heritage of several decades, robots and rovers is an area in which our international partners look to Canada. With our globally recognized leadership position in lunar rovers and robotic systems, Canadensys is proud to bring our years of experience and expertise to craft a Canadian national strategy for autonomous and intelligent lunar robots, and we are honoured that the Canadian government has selected us for this work”, adds Christian Sallaberger, Canadensys Aerospace President & CEO.

About Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation is a space systems and advanced vehicle development company founded on the heritage and expertise that spans a number of Canada’s historic space achievements of the last three decades. We blend our innovative space hardware capabilities with smart, ruggedized vehicle designs to develop unique solutions for planetary, orbital and terrestrial environments based on modern, commercial business approaches to space program and mission development.

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