Canadensys Aerospace ships Space Cameras to Canadian Universities participating in the Canadian CubeSat Project

Jul 25, 2022

(Toronto, ON – Monday, July 25, 2022) Canadensys Aerospace is pleased to support York University and Western University in the Canadian Space Agency’s Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP). Through this national initiative, winning teams of professors and students are offered the unique opportunity to design and build their own miniature satellite called a CubeSat, which will be launched into space later this year.

Canadensys is providing York University and Western University with systems from their innovative family of Nano Immersive Situational Awareness (NISA) ruggedized space cameras. Both universities have already received several months ago a NISA Engineering Model for ground-based project development and support.  This week, Canadensys will be shipping a fully tested NISA spaceflight camera to each of the universities, to be used as the payload for their CubeSats. Canadensys will also contribute software support to both projects.

“Canadensys is very active in the mentoring of young and aspiring Canadian engineers and scientists,” says Frank Teti, General Manager of the Canadensys Toronto Facility. “Each year, we create internships at Canadensys for approximately 20 top science and engineering students from universities across Canada.  Many of these continue on to fulltime employment with us when they graduate. With this University CubeSat partnership, we are also thrilled to not only provide the hardware and software support for these projects, but participate as technical consultants to ensure these universities and their student project teams get the most from the experience.”

What is a CubeSat?

A CubeSat is a square-shaped miniature satellite roughly the size of a Rubik’s cube, weighing about 1 kg. A CubeSat can be used alone as one unit or in groups of multiple units, up to a maximum of 24 units. They are used to test instruments, conduct science experiments, enable commercial applications and support educational projects.  To be launched into space, CubeSats hitch a ride using extra room available on rockets. The benefits of using CubeSats for space exploration is that they can be built quickly and use simple designs and technology, as well as they are cost effective and leave no space debris. While they are limited in their scope and their mission duration is often short (3-12 months), they are incredible instruments for advancing space exploration in Canada. To learn more about CubeSats and their journey into space, visit the CSA’s website.

About Canadensys Aerospace Corporation

Canadensys Aerospace Corporation is one of Canada’s most innovative space systems companies servicing customers around the world. We blend our advanced space hardware capabilities with smart, ruggedized vehicle designs to develop unique solutions for planetary, orbital and terrestrial environments based on modern, commercial business approaches to space program and mission development.

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